Thursday, December 2, 2010

India on my mind

I am going for my annual India trip beginning of next month and these days all I can think of is all the shopping that I have plans for once I'm there. I'm super excited!!!

I have browsed the web and so many blogs for all possible shopping resources. I have a long list of places to shop- some of them are my all time favorites (read dilli haat & fabindia) and some newer stores.

As I'll be in and around Delhi for most part of the stay, here's a list of all the the stores and places that I'll be going to-
  1. Mora Taara
  2. Varya
  3. MaxiMum store
  4. Fabindia
  5. Good Earth
  6. Santushti complex
  7. Crafts museum
  8. Janpath
  9. Cottage Emporium
  10. Dilli haat
  11. Renovation Factory (Khan Market)
  12. People Tree near Janpath  
I am thankful to all the bloggers out there who have helped me in finding about all the wonderful shopping places for Indian handicrafts.

Anyone who lives in Delhi or knows about the place, please, please can you suggest any other interesting place that I could add to my list?


  1. you forgot Khan Market!!... and sarojani

  2. oh--there's this little store called people tree on janpath, actually regal building. They have one of a kind clothes and stuff. Hope they're still there...also if you go in the back of the shop, they have a little cave named "gufa" and it's a bookstore. i hope it is still alive and kicking, they had such an eclectic collection of stuff. if you do go, take your camera for me please! :)

  3. Ohh...Thankyou Gagan! I had been to that store many years back when I was in college, but could never remember the name, and could't go back. Will surely make a trip there, and take the camera with me;)


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