Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A gift truly treasured

I have always been very inspired by my aunt (mom's sister). An architect by profession, she is an amazing artist and has a wonderful sense of style. Her home is full of her works of art, which includes acrylic paintings, oil painting, pottery....

This painting was a house warming gift to me when we moved into our new home last year.

It took me a while to find the perfect spot for this beauty, but finally I did. I can look at it from numerous places in my home, and it just adds a lot of elegance to my decor. Some more shots from various angles...


  1. Nice Painting. I Like the OHM the way she placed.

  2. Your aunt is really talented Neha! I love the way the Om has been placed too.

  3. Thanks for the appreciation, but it's not my original work. Joyotee Banerjee is the artist, I merely copied her painting! :) Here's a link to her gallery: http://www.artworks-creations.com/artworksreligious.htm


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