Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Getting a little crafty

A quiet afternoon at home and this is what kept me busy....I have confessed my fetish for handmade paper here and I also shared with you all the gift wrapping for my sister's wedding. Well, it was time to make use of all the left over scraps that I carried back with me from India.

The scraps of block printed hand made paper...

A very inexpensive wooden mirror from Ikea

mod podge and a brush...

I cut the paper into smaller pieces and then randomly arranged them to get an idea of the pattern.

And then I got to work.... the messy part with the mod podge. See the detailed technique here.

almost half way done...
And the result....My Paper Mosaic Mirror....

What do you think....? Like it....?

I'm still trying to find a place for the mirror.......on the wall...???

Or on the side table...?

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  1. oh wow!! thats not little.. thats very crafty!!

  2. That was cool!!! I for one can never do anything with my hands :-). Good luck in finding the right place - it needs attention :-)

  3. I love the way this turned out! I'm gonna do this!
    All Things Heart and Home

  4. Wow, those colors just blow me away - absolutely stunning Neha:):)

  5. Neha it looks amazing! That's what you were up to!! Me likey!

  6. Woah, that's some transformation. LOVE this Neha :) Simple color papers, but its given the mirror such a fab look! Thrifty crafty neat project!

  7. That is really great! Love all the colours! Thanks for sharing with us at Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.

  8. Oh! This is such a colourful mirror. very neatly done too!

  9. I read all the 58 posts on your blog in one go :D !! It was a wonderful journey into your artistic world. There was something or the other to learn from each of the posts.

    However, this post remains my favorite. I am sure there is loads to come!!

  10. I am stealing the idea ;-) Thanks!!!

  11. @ Tanya- Thanks for all the appreciation on this post as well as others. Hope to see you around more often.

  12. Gorgeous and yet such a simple idea Neha. I vote for the side table! So, where is it sitting now? What did you finally decide?

  13. WOW!!! The mirror looks gorgeous!! Loved the colours...

  14. Very beautiful... Decoupage is such a nice craft... and it is the choice of colors and designs that make is even wonderful... Thoroughly loved your project !

  15. This is going to be my next project.These Ikea mirrors are so versatile.

  16. lovely mirror decorations :)very creative


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