Saturday, May 21, 2011

I'm back...

....from my vacation all refreshed and relaxed. I brought back a few goodies from Mexico, which I'm so happy about (more on that later) and then a tan which I'm not so happy about....

Mexico is a country with a lot of culture and in many ways it reminded me of India.  The small corner grocery shops, the rickshaws on the roads, the quaint little houses with colored facade- all this made me feel like I was in a small town in India.

Once I was near the ocean, it was another world altogether. The water appeared turquoise and azure blue at times. The straw huts with the ocean as the backdrop seemed to be just calling my name. The views were absolutely breathtaking.

 Stay tuned for more from Mexico. I have lots to share! For now, I'll get back to unpacking, laundry and the 'not so fun' stuff- the aftermath of a vacation. Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. very dreamy and exotic..:)...beautiful images

  2. Gorgeous clicks. Can't wait to see more of Mexico.


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