Saturday, May 14, 2011

Just Checking In

Hello's your weekend going so far? I'm in the middle of finishing up my packing for our trip. We are heading to Cancun, Mexico tomorrow. Yayyy...!

Looking back on our vacations so far, I realize that we haven't taken many beach vacations in all the eight years of our marriage. It is probably because we live so close to the beach being in Florida, its almost something that we do not value much. But there is something about staying right at the beach, that makes a beach vacation one of a kind...waking up to the rising sun over the ocean, hearing the sound of the waves hitting the shore and knowing that you can go for a stroll at the beach anytime....all this makes it soooo amazing. I think my mind is already there.....So looking forward to it!

Have a wonderful week!

Images: Our beach vacation at Hawaii


  1. Have a wonderful vacation in one of the best beaches in the world with its torquise blue waters and soft sand. Do visit the underwater sculpture park. Have fun and a great tan.

  2. Oh my.. Neha.. such gorgeous pictures.. Have a lovely time.. in Mexico..

  3. Thanks Patty:). I sure had the most wonderful time....


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