Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Happy day...

Today is a special day for me as its my dad's birthday. I'm miles away from him and can't be with him to here's wishing him a wonderful day...Happy Birthday Papa!

Its also a day when my blog turns 50 posts old.... another reason for me to be happy......:)
I've enjoyed writing every post on my blog, and it has been a wonderful journey so far....I look forward to more blogging, more posts and much more...  Hope you've enjoyed your visit(s) here....see you again soon!
Have a great weekend!

Image: The rose in my garden, soaked in the rain. 

Friday, April 29, 2011

Things that tell a story...

All things in my home are special to me. But a few are always closer to heart just coz...they bring back memories...reminding me of a family trip, a gift from a loved one,  or a memory of a special occasion......At times, a random shopping trip turns into a time worth remembering just because you find something unusual on that trip....

I wanted to share a few such things in my home...

Here is my little iron from Happily Unmarried. This was bought on one of many shopping trips for my wedding. It has been with me ever since....

A porcelain windmill... On my way to the US for the very first time after my wedding, we had a layover at Amsterdam. I got this cute little windmill from Amsterdam airport....It almost marks the beginning of our (hubby & me) life together.... 

The marble elephant with the gold and meenakari work was a gift from my parents on our second wedding anniversary...a gift truly treasured.

Do you have any such belongings in your home...? Don't you just love looking at them and reminiscing....???

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Stay Creative!

Hello my loves! How is the week going so far? I have had a huge list of projects lined up...and even though I have some time on hand, I'm putting them off for later...For some reason, I'm just not 'in a creative mood'....

I came across this while browsing, and it really spoke to me....
Some of the things mentioned above are things that I making lists, carrying a notebook everywhere, I'm a coffee drinker, sometimes I do sing in the shower (*smiles), I'm definitely surrounded (not physically) by so many creative people through the blogosphere.......ohhh... and I do break the rules......however, there are some things that I really need to start staying away from the computer and taking some rest....maybe I'll go do that now....

In the meantime, do let me know, how many of the above do you do??? 

Image:  here via here 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bubble tea on the beach

Being a part of blogland and reading other blogs has a lot of rewards, like getting creative inspiration, new ideas for decor and design, finding new friends, like minded people; and for me urging me to try new recipes....this time around it was something more. 
Saturday morning I read this post on saffron and silk about bubble tea, and was reminded of my own experience of having this unusual beverage. It was more than 6 years back at Berkeley while visiting a few friends when I tried it for the very first time. I think I must have quite liked it, coz reading about it so many years later, I could almost remember its taste. For whatever reason, I never had it again ever since, maybe I never came across a place selling it. After reading Kamini's post, I had a strong urge to try it again. I googled bubble tea in Tampa and came across this place, only it was 40 miles away...and so I put my urge to rest. 
Later in the day, friends and us made a spontaneous plan to take the kids to the beach. Lucky for me, the Vietnamese cafe was almost on our way. Hubby and I both picked up our bubble teas - and headed for the beach. We loved it! Thank you Kamini...for bringing back some memories!

It was wonderful evening, with a light cool breeze, a beautiful sunset and of course our bubble tea....

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Wedding snapshots part 3- glimpses of the bride and her adornments

You've seen the venue, the a few glimpses of the bride- my sister- who looked extraordinarily beautiful on her wedding. 

Everything was absolutely gorgeous from the venue to the flowers, the decoration and of course the bride and the groom.... A SPLENDID wedding indeed!!!

All pictures courtesy Joseph Radhik. To see more of his work, visit his website and his flickr gallery

Friday, April 22, 2011

Wedding Snapshots part 2- the flowers, the lighting...

Flowers have a very special place in every wedding- be it in the decor, as accessories for the bride and groom or in ceremonies in most Indian weddings. They add a surreal charm and make the occasion all the more magical. Add lights to the flowers, and you have a perfect setting.

The way Joe has captured the beauty of the everything is breathtaking.

All pictures courtesy Joseph Radhik. To see more of his work, visit his website and his flickr gallery

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wedding snapshots part 1- the place where it happened...

Weddings are a lot of fun, especially when it is of someone very close in the family. Good times with close ones, tons of laughter, moments to cherish, a time a make memories....

For the longest time I (along with everyone in my family) have waited for the pictures from my cousin sister's wedding. Finally, they're here....and I can easily say that the long wait was totally worth it. I wanted to share with you the brilliant work of  the amazingly talented Joseph Radhik and him team - the men behind the camera.

This post will be in three parts, the first one being about the venue for the wedding- The Heritage Village Resort at Manesar. (Read more about it here.)

The wedding was a destination wedding with everyone staying at the venue for two days. It was a memorable experience for everyone. The haveli style architecture with its courtyards, lush green gardens dotted with terracotta horses, elephants and windchimes made the place so enchanting and beautiful, that once the wedding was over, no one wanted to leave....

Here are a few selected faces here, just the peripherals...starting with the venue...

The pheras took place here

painted walls

the couryards

All pictures courtesy Joseph Radhik. To see more of his work, visit his website and his flickr gallery

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Thank you:)

A big Thank you to Sharkara of sensitive creations for featuring my home on her beautiful blog. My home has my 'impressions' on so many walls and so many corners, and she has showcased them all so wonderfully. I'll say no the post here

I'm so flattered and absolutely thrilled....once again thank you Sharkara!
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