Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A picnic and a makeover

Forgive me for I have been away from the blog for some time...You see, I was busy planning a picnic. Most part of last week went into the planning. The picnic was this Saturday at the Crews Lake Wilderness Park. The timing was perfect- just before the weather gets too hot here. There was a lot to plan- the menu, the games, the drinks, things to take....For our group of friends, food is definitely a priority...and so the menu planning began...there were snack idlis, corn and bean salad, papdi chaat, aloo bonda, chips n salsa. The snack idlis were made by moi and they came out great. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of the food...as usual it was all gone even before I realized it.  The highlight for the kids for the train ride at the park....they enjoyed it thoroughly, and fun for all. The train was really a cute one, with room for a lot of people to ride.

Thats my husband and son posing with the train driver:).

The little ones were having a ball playing in the fields. 

Come Sunday, I had a project planned. An old bookcase was to get a makeover. This one had been lying in my garage and used as extra storage. Nothing really wrong with it, its from our apartment days, only it does't go well with the dark wood tones of our furniture. 

I spray painted it white...

And here is the new look.

I brought it in my son's room, and arranged all his books in it.

Nice, isn't it? I like it. The project was very simple. What I'm really happy about is that I reused something and gave it a new life.

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  1. Neha.. this is love! The train is super cute.. You guys sure had a good time.. I love what you've done to the cabinet.. Such a good idea to spray paint... :-) Looks fab.. I'm a great fan of painting furniture.. :-)

    Thanks for linking in!! You rock!!

  2. The bookcase looks wonderful.... and I can't wait for picnic season!

  3. Thank you Gagan & Patty! You guys really make my day..with such wonderful comments.

    The picnic was surely a lot of fun..especially coz my son is totally crazy about trains.

    The bookcase was something I had been planning for a long time...finally!

  4. The train ride looks like so much fun Neha!! Loved the white on the bookcase - white goes with most of the things so well. Nice!!

  5. Oh somewhere in the world someone is atleast talking abt Picnics and outings. We have to wait wait and just wait another month atleast :-). The train looked fun and the menu was Yummalicious. The book case looked good and if it is in the toddlers room - You can expect some nice sketchings on it too soon :-)

  6. wow neha .. th toy trains looks sooo exciting ..

    and th paint job .. excellant .. i love to come ur blog regularly ..hopefully i want to be th one to comment first next time...

    u are spendin ur time so constructively .. now i know how u are not gainin wt .. :)

  7. @Shanthi: Thanks Shanthi...well, as you said, there were some crayons scribbled on the shelf as soon as I put it in, but I managed to clean it off:)

    @Sonal: Thank you Sonal.


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