Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bubble tea on the beach

Being a part of blogland and reading other blogs has a lot of rewards, like getting creative inspiration, new ideas for decor and design, finding new friends, like minded people; and for me urging me to try new recipes....this time around it was something more. 
Saturday morning I read this post on saffron and silk about bubble tea, and was reminded of my own experience of having this unusual beverage. It was more than 6 years back at Berkeley while visiting a few friends when I tried it for the very first time. I think I must have quite liked it, coz reading about it so many years later, I could almost remember its taste. For whatever reason, I never had it again ever since, maybe I never came across a place selling it. After reading Kamini's post, I had a strong urge to try it again. I googled bubble tea in Tampa and came across this place, only it was 40 miles away...and so I put my urge to rest. 
Later in the day, friends and us made a spontaneous plan to take the kids to the beach. Lucky for me, the Vietnamese cafe was almost on our way. Hubby and I both picked up our bubble teas - and headed for the beach. We loved it! Thank you Kamini...for bringing back some memories!

It was wonderful evening, with a light cool breeze, a beautiful sunset and of course our bubble tea....

Linking in to weekend wrap up at colours dekor. 


  1. what lovely shots!! Glad to hear you enjoyed your weekend.

  2. What a lovely sunset WOoooooooooooooW!!!!

  3. I want some now! The bubble tea and the beach! :D

  4. Lovely sunset pictures. Glad you found what you were looking for, even if you had to take a 40 mile drive.

  5. @ Gagan: come on over for a visit:)
    @ Geeta: Thank you. and thanks for visiting my blog!

  6. What gorgeous pics... *sigh* What a lovely time... Neha... thanks for linking in... every week... Simply brings a smile on my face! Thank you!!


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