Friday, April 1, 2011

A bright and sunny morning...

after two days of non stop rain- ain't that something to be thankful for!

We had a tornado warning in effect for yesterday, there were heavy winds, the outside was so grey and dull and all I did was curl up on the couch and watch TV.  It really brightens my mood to see the sun out....what a refreshing day it is!... and a wonderful beginning of the month.

I stepped out and took some pictures of the flowers in my garden.


A few rain drops on the rose petals....

The money plant in my living room soaking in the sun.

Have a lovely weekend! 


  1. Hope the weather is fine now. You have a lovely garden..a good green thumb as well!! I would love if you would give some tips on how to take care of hibiscus plant.. I am so poor at gardening plus this tropical climate is new to me:(

  2. Purnima...thank you for stopping by my blog. and thanks for the compliment. Would love to share with you what I know...not much though. btw, where do you live?

  3. What an eye candy - the beautiful hibiscus. We only have it as an indoor plant sometimes:-(.

  4. ya neha u do hav a green thumb ... also i just realised tat u hav talent of photography ..sonal


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