Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pottery passion

Hello my is the week treating you so far? I'm busy doing nothing...I mean nothing very interesting. The weather hasn't been great since the beginning of the week with all the rain coming down. Looking out the  window, its grey and gloomy:(. I've been doing just the usual stuff - groceries, laundry, some organization around the house and multiple trips to stores (read Toys r us and Target) for birthday gifts- we have three birthday parties to go to, this coming weekend, yes, three. The forecast says that the weekend will be sunny and I'm so looking forward to it. With three parties to go to, my little one is all too excited. And for me, there won't  be much cooking happening on the weekend...Yayyy! 

Well, coming back to the title of the post- Pottery. A few years back, I tried hand building ( for those who do not know, thats a technique where one uses just the hands and some tools to create something out of clay).   Today, I'm sharing some of my pieces. Working with clay is something that I truly enjoy and it gives me a sense of creative satisfaction. I would love to hear what you think of these...good or bad...anything.

 A couple of pen holders, I use them to keep my cosmetics.

 Another pen holder...

A small vase. 

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  1. Neha, these are gorgeous! good lord you're talented, girl! So quick question is that leaf platter food safe? it looks wonderful--what do you serve in there? Also loving your red and grey planter(?) Actually , everything! Wowsers!

  2. Thank you Gagan!
    The leaf platter is food safe, but frankly I've never used it for serving...just to display. I sometimes put candles in there. Any other suggestions on how to use it...?

  3. So gorgeous...they're art!
    xo Robin

  4. wow,this has been on my mind since a long time,gettin inspired now,..;-)

  5. I'm glad I could inspire you, notyet100.

  6. These are gorgeous pieces!!! My husband is into wheel pottery. Some of my dishes are showcased in bowls and plates created by him :-)

  7. Love your hand build pottery. Also love the glaze colors.


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