Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Peopletree, Delhi

This post is dedicated to Gagan @ Of peacocks and paisleys..., as she is also a fan of this store just like me.
'Peopletree' is a quaint little shop, hidden away in the alleys of Connaught place in Delhi. Peopletree has a wide variety of some very unique products-  books, stationery, jewelery, garments, accessories and some other knick knacks. Their designs are one of a kind and something that brings its customers back here time and again.

I discovered the store in my college days. One of my favorites was their block printed T-shirts. Here are a few shots of the products available here.

Wall full of knick knacks- jewelery, bangles, key chains, handmade paper journals...... 

Earrings made of croquet thread and kantha work....

Antique silver jewelery

Handmade cards

Silk Tie n die Stoles stacked up 

more silver jewelery...

Block printed fabric bags

Block printed Shirts 
For more information visit their website here.

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  1. OMG! You went there!! I wasn't able to, not on this trip, maybe next time. (and you remembered that I loved this store???---I'm so touched!)My fav. part in it was the "gufa" in the back---how I wish I could have made a trip there. I only managed a trip to cottage and to a couple of emporia on Kharak singh marg. Oh well, next time---am just happy that the place still exists!

    LOL!!!-->I want those kantha earrings now! :)


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