Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Crafts Museum, Delhi

I finally feel that I have recovered from the jet lag and the aftermath of a six weeks long trip. All my suitcases are unpacked, loads of laundry done, closets are some what in order and my home looks like, well, My Home. I feel so rejuvenated and refreshed after spending much quality time with all my family back in India. I'm now ready to embrace my routine here, ready to blog away and talk to you all my wonderful friends out there...!

What I have in store for you is pictures from my shopping adventures. Lets start with the Crafts Museum in Delhi. 

The crafts museum in the heart of Delhi is a must see for a closer look at some of the popular crafts of India. I discovered the place just about 3-4 years ago. Ever since then, my trip to India is not complete without a visit here. The place is very calm and serene with beautiful surroundings. You can see life size terracotta figures right when you enter the complex which has a very village feel to it. One can also see the artisans at work,  creating pieces of art, available for sale right here.

The walls are adorned with beautiful paintings, like the miniature paintings from Rajasthan and the warli art from Maharashtra.

A very interesting aspect of the crafts museum is the display of bullock carts from various parts of the country. 

As you enter the crafts demonstration complex , you can see crafts from all over India, the paper mache from Kashmir, miniature paintings from Rajasthan, Madhubani paintings from Bihar, Warli art, Orissa paintings and much much more....


  1. Hey! Neha ,

    Welcome Back, very nice post from you...now I never knew about craft museum this one is added to my list if and when I get a chance to visit...Looking forward to some pictures of your finds very soon :)

  2. Love this post! Crafts museum is one of my favorite places in Delhi.

  3. Thanks Bhavna, for visiting and leaving a note. Comments from talented people such as you are very encouraging.

  4. I've never been here. Time I made a trip to Delhi soon!


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