Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring is in the air...

...hmmm....I can feel it for sure...the air around me is getting warmer,  flocks of birds are migrating to the north and the neighbors' yards are showing off some vibrant color. Yes, spring is almost here in my part of the world.

I have been longing to plant some flowering plants in my yard (so far I only have a couple of rose bushes and the gladioli bulbs from last year). So here is my wishlist for spring!

Some sweet smelling jasmine

fragrant plumeria or frangipani as many may call it

pretty colored lilies

a bush of yellow roses

 bunch of white calla lilies

and some friendly daisies.

Thats all that I ask for (smiles).

Images: from the web.


  1. Wow! Cool that is...I have to visit you now for sure....when will they start blooming Ms N...I will be there for sure to smell them and have a cup of tea with you amidst them :)

    Very Nice thought towards it ..

  2. I am...really. Lets hope I get everything on my wishlist:).


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