Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Dear Blog.....I missed you!

A comment on my last post made me really think.......

Most often, there are two reasons why people stop blogging, one that they go through a phase where they don't know what to write about; and second, they are too busy with their lives to find the time to give to their blog. For me it was both, in the beginning, the first one and then the second.

Now....I feel like I have all the reasons to rediscover my blog.

An update from my personal life- which I'd like to share- because I consider my blog as also my journal. Last year I had a baby girl. My bundle of joy is now 8 months old :)....and keeping me really really busy;)

My coffee table
I have truly missed being here all this time, and I hope to back soon....real soon this time:). Stay tuned!

Picture: taken by me at home


  1. A big warm welcome Neha!! I really missed you a happy to have you back. Waiting for your interesting posts and lovely images :)

  2. Many congratulations! I am so glad to see you back, really missed seeing your posts!

  3. Congrats Neha :) your blog is beautiful ,i have bookmarked your blog and keep checking.I Know how it is with the baby njoy ur time with the baby while we wait for your amazing posts :))

  4. What a, what a coincidence :-) Pretty much the same reasons for hibernation from my side as well, and a bay boy 8 months old now! Congrats to you and hope to see your posts back

  5. Congratulations on the new born!I am a first timer here but would love to come back to your please do write.I know how it is with a little one at home but sometimes when things keep you home there is no better way to connect and socialise than the blogging world.

  6. congratulation you had a baby, I'm just starting a blog :)

  7. Congratulations all the way! Nice to read through your words,just a small awakening to our soul to jumpstart with life,yet once more.


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