Monday, August 5, 2013

My Living Room

A few weeks back I had promised you a peek into my living room. It took me a while to get this post together, but finally, here I am. Some more exciting new things have kept me really busy (more on that soon...)

Without any more delay, here you go.....

I love warm tones, and that's why the orange wall in my living room is my most favorite. It was also the first thing that I did in my living room- painted the wall and added the motifs (read more about it here). 

The ethnic influence and my love for all things Indian are more that evident in my living room and all over my home. 

The vintage tapestry on the wall was bought from Rajasthan, India; and hung on a bamboo.   

The coffee table always has a few of my favorite things on display....along with some books.  

Over the years, I have grown my mask collection enough to display it on one of the walls. The masks are mostly from my travels. 

The Kantha poufs, the Suzani pillows, the block printed floor pillows, custom made coffee table, the Moroccan hanging lamp, the rug....all of these are my prized possessions. 

  Looking at this room come together makes me very happy. 

I hope you liked it too!

Coming soon....a surprise to share:) 
Watch this space!!!

All images: My Home. Taken by me and subject to copyright. Please do not use without permission. 
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