Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My home office

The last few weekends, hubby and I have spent some time cleaning and organizing our home office, little by little. Few weekends, just for one room...you ask?? Yup...., that's right!
We have the luxury of a spare room that we call our home office, with two desks, a couple of bookcases and (sob..!) lots of clutter. So....for all of you who have seen my home tour here & here and wonder how my home looks nice in those pictures...let me confess, I do have my share of clutter and unruliness, all tucked away in this room. Tangled wires, a load of  unsorted mail, growing pile of paperwork, my in-progress crafts and projects; and anything else that does not find place elsewhere in our home, finds its way to this room. With all our effort, its cleaner now, but nowhere close to being called a pretty space.

Ever since we moved into our home, the office has been the most ignored room of all.....even though husband and I spend a considerable amount of time here. It is also the place from where I blog. Which brings me to the realization that before I get started on my bedroom makeover, I should do something about this room first.

Here is some inspiration that I gathered....

This is the office of Jen from Made By Girl.

I'm drawn to the dark wall and the white shelving in the above rooms....

And look at these creative ways to stay organized.....

Last but not the least, inspiring words framed up and displayed as art...

Do you like these rooms...? Which one do you like the most? 
I'll soon start planning my home office makeover....will keep you all posted. 


  1. Oh my gosh. All of them are so inspirational. I feel like being in any one of those and browsing the web for amazing blogs.

    Look forward to your workplace. I loved the last one for its simplicity.

  2. Each room is unique and beautiful...!! Guess I would draw inspiration and ideas from each of these for my kinda room ..!!
    If I were to choose one, it would be the one that would work practically for me in terms of space, ease of use,and one that can contain my favorite posters and moodboards... ;-) ;-) ..!!

    Have a fab week !!

  3. love the last room which looks serene and ofcourse the wordings...even the funky penstand pic cool...

  4. I like the minimalism of the last one but of course I am thinking office/art studio combination.
    Great inspiration
    Helen Tilston

  5. I am inspired by something in all of them, great finds:) I have a lot of artwork in mine...hmmm..maybe a little tour of my studio on my blog one of these days:):)

  6. Ahh..I thought You would show some of your space...and it's been days haven't seen an artwork of your's...I think the white desk room with loads of drawer would suit both of us fine :)as far as the desk arrangement is concerned , the paint of course the brown looks better,...what say !

  7. Each one is unique. Though the last one seems to draw me the most, I because it seems the less crowded.. Would love to see your homeoffice when all is done :)

  8. ha..ha... you should have seen my home office, then you would not feel guilty about yours. our is the same, loads of clutter, unsorted mails etc...I have been thinking about the office too, not redecorating rt now. but at least declutter and we also dont spend much time over there except hubbs WFH.maybe take something from all of them but last one looks calm.

  9. just keep it simple...comfortable...productive!

  10. all of them are great.. Well, keeping an office room design 'simple' is way out of question as its also called the clutter room! the last one looks sleek though.. if you don't hve much stuff to pile.
    Waiting to see your newly done office room..

  11. Thanks everyone for all your inputs.
    @Kala: would love to get a peek into your studio...
    @Sharkara: I'm definitely inclined towards a dark brown wall.
    @ Nayana & Rachu: Yes, its very difficult not to have clutter in the home office. I'm thinking 'organized clutter'... a place for everything, and everything in its place...how does that sound

  12. Choosing one out of these wonderfully done rooms is a tough job you have put us to, Neha. I am sure you'd be able to extract the best from each of these inspirational rooms and come out with amazing results.

    White furniture is common in all of the above... I am assuming that you'd have white furniture as well :) and yeahhhh... please do add some plants. That is the best part of your interiors!!

  13. @ Tanya: Its surprising that I don't have any white furniture anywhere in my house excepts my son's room...maybe that's why I'm drawn to it for my home office.

  14. Oh.. Ive been dreaming of a home office as well.. Thanks for these inspirations.. each pic better than the other.. wow!!

  15. can't wait to see what you do to your space..but when i think of you..i think..warm n happy colors like yellow..wink! Not white :)

  16. Home office looks good for sometimes but then....back to same...:)))


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