Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Home tour: Catherine's home in Miami

What's a design blog without home tours? .....right? Yes, this is a design and decor blog, so I think..... So here's my first home tour: The home of Catherine in Miami. 

A crafter, traveler, design enthusiast, and a collector- all this and more-  make up for wonderful home.
Catherine is an immensely talented girl who blogs at Inspire Bohemia, a blog very aptly named after her own style of decorating.

This is what Catherine has to say about herself:....
"I love collecting treasures from all over the world on my travels, as well as here in Miami at garage sales, thrift stores and more.  My philosophy is if I can't be traveling the world 24/7 then I must surround myself with beauty and world treasures to create a comforting sanctuary!"

Well said, Catherine. That is what makes your home so warm and inviting, reflecting your personality.

I'll let the pictures do the talking now....

Catherine's collection of matryoshka dolls, the budhha, the kilim rug and the suzanis....all these give  a truly global feel to her home.

The shadow boxed on the wall are all made by Catherine and showcase her collection of coins from her travels.

This is wall of her own sketches. 

For more pictures of Catherine's home, visit her blog here.

I hope you enjoyed the first home tour on my blog.....and I hope there are many more....Have a great rest of the week!


  1. Liiike the wall with Catherine's own sketches, and the shadow boxes made by her! Hopping over to her blog right away :)

  2. Wow ! A treasure chest of beautiful artefacts... Love the framed art works.. the colorful glasses... Love that book shelf.. especially & that owl looks so cute perched on a tiny chair... !!

  3. This is such a beautiful home. Eclectic decor and array of colours are what enhancing the beauty.

  4. Beautiful home and I love the stories behind each treasure:):)

  5. very nice! I love those walls with expressions.each have a story to tell.such walls are always a great browse.

  6. Neha, As Catherine's mom, I thank you so much for choosing to share her home as your first home tour. I know she is very honored and filled with excitement. As I read other posts on your blog I can't help but think how much you two have in common. You are both blessed with the talent for putting into words your enthusiasm, eye for beauty and your willingness to share with others. Thank you again and I wish you much success and happiness with your blog!

  7. Hello Neha! Thank you oh so much for your wonderful post on my home, I am so honored! As well, thank you all for your sweet comments and compliments. It is very important to me that my home tells a story and feels inviting, after all it is my sanctuary!

    I will be moving to a new apartment soon, which means a blank canvas! I'll miss my old canvas but who am I kidding, a blank canvas is the most exciting thing ever and I can't wait to see how all of my possessions will come together in a different space.

    Once again, thank you all and especially Neha for such a sweet post!

    Inspire Bohemia.blogspot.com

  8. wow...beautiful, colorful house! love how the wall r talking, arrangement on bookself. Neha, bring more house tours, we will never get bored of looking in to beautiful homes.

  9. Beautiful inspiring pictures! Loved each and every collection... but I must say my favorite are those colorful bottles and the picture collage of musical instrument... beautiful post! Thanks for sharing and for your sweet comment on my Mason Jar drinks.Have a nice weekend!~Poppy


  10. Hi neha
    Thanks for dropping by and the lovely comment.
    Yes, I did that painting of Buddha...:)

  11. I loved those colorful bottles in the first picture... I soooo wanna have them!!

  12. oh my!! the walls are truly stunning... wow... wow!! :-) amazing inspirations here.. totally loved your 1st home tour.. and cant wait to see more!!


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