Sunday, June 26, 2011

Life in general...

Hello friends! How was your weekend? Mine was a mixed bag...with a little bit of everything- going to a birthday party, meeting friends, dining at one of my favorite restaurants, cooking a sumptuous meal....all of that and some much needed relaxation at home.

The birthday party that we went to, was at a petting farm. My son enjoyed it thoroughly; the pony ride, running after the bunnies, petting the lambs, looking at the hens and baby chicks, all of it.....I did too, as I realized it was my first time petting a rabbit......:)

It's the peak of summer with temperatures soaring beyond 90 degrees. The weekend brought some rain and it was a welcome relief. On Sunday, we relaxed at home and watched the drizzling rain....
I took some pictures of flowers at home....

PS: I was reading some of my recent posts and I realized that lately I've blogged a lot about crafts, projects and so on...It's true that I stalk blogs for DIY ideas and interesting things to make....but I have to admit that I always enjoy reading posts about people's life in general...Its a window into the life of people like me....and its interesting to get a glimpse of it. It's also a way to connect with someone, who is otherwise a stranger to you....Are you like me? Do you enjoy reading about life in general? Do let me know what kind of posts you like reading the most...

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  1. Petting a rabbit... That sounds great !! Looks like a fab weekend...

    Lovely flowers... Love the cute elephant vase..
    Have a great week ahead !!

  2. Even I like to read posts which give an insight into what's going on in the other person's their weekend was...This way the stranger doesn't remain a stranger. :-)

  3. Lovely arrangement! you have a nice blog...will keep coming back.

  4. Its so true Neha...I always like to get to know about people from different parts of the world. To understand them & make friends is such a lovely thought (& practise) according to me. That's one of the reasons for why I love to blog.

    Nice post & lovely picture. Love the cute elephant:)

    Good Day!

  5. It was nice to know you had a good time during the weekend, a good mixture of everything. Well even I like reading about what is happening in other people's lives, their struggles, their success, their happiness, their funny anecdotes and so on.
    However, I do not enjoy the preachy kind of blogs, where although they write to share their views with others, but always are very forceful of their opinion.
    I like the DIY blogs too.
    Have a great day, Rama.

  6. love the cute elephant vase...i like DIY,decor,travel...

  7. Love the elephant vase as well as the cute bell .I like variety ,it could be personal,travel,fashion ,art and craft ,good living ,social cause ,photo .The best part is connecting to the person behind these posts .I learn something new everyday ,meet wonderful people .Days are never dull .It's a blessing :):)

  8. It's so strange Neha , that even the decorations we pick up are similar...will you belive that I picked up exactly the same elephants ..though two ( as they are salt and pepper shakers) a few months back from Pier 1.
    Will show you pictures soon :)

  9. See, this is what you miss when you don't have kids - petting farms:):) Sounds like so much fun Neha. Love your flowers and elephant. As for blogs I like, pretty much anything that is enjoyable to read. I stay away from giveaways and negative blogs. My belief is that we don't have to judge, we can just be:)

  10. Dropped in from colors dekor. Lovely blog you have with such varied posts
    Cheers from Bangalore ,India
    Dr Sonia S V

  11. Thanks for your comment on my blog the other day Neha! Love your space. I have been wanting to do some craft and diy myself, thanks to your blog i'll learn a few tips!

  12. Such a lovely vignette you have created with those red carnations. Always a pleasure to know new blogging friends and get inspired by their creativity. Thanks for stopping by with your sweet comment. Petting farm sounds like a wonderful way to spend a summer day with your son. Have a great week!~Poppy

  13. Oh my gosh.. what a lovely.. post.. My weekends are normally such a mix as well.. :-)

    I love the little elephant.. :-) so cute!!

  14. :) looks like u had a happening week,,,


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