Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up

It was the Thanksgiving weekend here in the US, a four day long weekend. My sister and her fiance were visiting us and we had big plans for the weekend.  There was lots of yummy food, loads & loads of shopping, and yes, the best part- the weekend art project.

I'll let the pictures do the talking.
The empty room- ready for some color

Hawaiian  Passion ....or Turmeric Yellow

Ready for some more...
Adding motifs on the wall

I'm quite pleased with my turmeric yellow wall and the motif wall art. What do you think? I'm still contemplating adding a couple more on the right side of the wall. Any suggestions???

I'm linking to Patty's weekend wrap up party at Coloursdekor.


  1. Neha.. this is simply gorgeous.. I loved the colour of the wall.. and the art work.. Well done!! Well done!!

  2. Thank you so much Patty & Rekha! What's your opinion on adding more motifs on the other side of the wall?

  3. Oh it looks gorgeous the way it is--an element of surprise and not overdone--the colors are so pretty!

    Found you via Patty's blog....love what you've done with your space so far!

  4. Thankyou Gagan. I'm leaning towards your idea...keeping it just the way it is. Ofcourse I have framed art that I'll be adding to the wall.

  5. Looking forward to a completed look with all the art and everything! The color is rocking :)

  6. Oh gosh! This is so lovely! Why has it taken me so long to discover your blog!

  7. Also, did you make the stencil yourself? Talent!

  8. Thanks Divya...Its just so wonderful to get compliments from talented people like you, who have been into blogging and always have such great things to share!

    As you may know, I just started my blog a couple of weeks back...and enjoying it thoroughly.

    And no, I did not make the stencil ( wish I could).

  9. Wow..Your wall looks so gorgeous!! Absolutely stunning!!

  10. Neha.. I'm doing a post on this wall.. (adding it to Walls with Character).. Would you be able to send me a photographs of the full wall?? so we can see the area in total?? Let me know.. Thanks so much!!

  11. Hello Neha... hope you are well.. Check this


  12. love the stenciling on your wall!

  13. HI Neha
    Got to your blog from onceuponateatime. Oh my Gosh the colors are so fresh.Oranges and Yellows always make me feel good for the day. Lovely Blog Neha! Just bought a house and trying to make it a home slowly.

  14. Wow I think you had a lot of fun. Should have dropped by your blog long time back but missed the link somehow and blogger keeps acting up on the follow button.
    Have become your new follower

  15. This is lovely! How did you texture the wall? Also, where do you get those motifs? I live in Bangalore.



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