Friday, November 19, 2010

A new Beginning

I'm not new to the world of blogs...It was my very close friend Sharkara (Visit her blog here), who introduced me to the world of design blogs about six months back..and I have been completely hooked ever since. Every day, I would spend all the free time I'd get, just reading through my favorite blogs and hopping from one to the other. It has been so inspiring that not long ago, I thought to myself, maybe I should start a blog of my own, a place to pen down my ideas, share my passions and so here I am...sharing my thoughts on all things beautiful to me.
Hope you all enjoy visiting my blog!


  1. Very Cool ! This is going to be FUN!!! Love your Collage and looking forward to more content :)Welcome to the BlogLand Neha officially now (as a writer :)


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