Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Garage sale find

The weekend was a lot of fun starting with India winning the world cup and then the three birthday parties. But for me, the best part was the garage sale in our community. Every six months we have a yard sale for the entire community, and I most eagerly look forward to it, hoping to find some treasures.

This time around, I found this beautiful lantern. Here's sharing with you some pictures of my new found treasure.

Aren't garage sales so much fun...? One man's trash is another man's treasure.
Do you have any such treasures? How about sharing them with everyone here...? If you'd like that, email me here.

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  1. thats so so lovely!! wish we had garage sales here.. I picked up a cozy cane seater from near the garbage two weeks ago... My hubby was so so embarrassed on my deed.. *grin*

    I'll paint it.. put a cushion on it.. and see how gorgeous it will look on my terrace.. Yes.. One mans trash.. anothers treasure!! Why waste.. simply recycle!!

  2. I totally agree. Btw, I've done something like that myself..and my hubby was also embarrassed...but I didn't care...after all I was recycling!
    Do share your transformed treasure. :)

  3. Oh Wow - that's a lovely find. We do have something called LoppeMarked - sale of used goods - anything reusable. People here are very good to circulate things.


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