Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Organizing Life

Hello... my dears....! How are you? Have you made your New Year's resolutions yet?
Another year is gone.....it's a time for new beginnings, another chance to make resolutions to improve on one's life yet again......

There is something about the new year that makes everyone think....re-consider their goals, both personal and professional......think about the past year and and think about what one could have done better.....(Do you have that kind of thoughts?)

As we roll in to the new year, I too, am awakened with renewed energy and new goals for myself.

One of them being more organized in life...and I'm not talking about organizing my physical surroundings here...I'm talking about getting mentally organized.
I'm a person who lives by the lists.... To do list, list of errands, list of home projects, shopping list...and if you are anything like me ....an ever growing list of DIYs. If something is not on my list, it tends to get lost in the business of everyday life. It's a bit much to keep track of. 
A friend introduced me to Cozi...It's an online organizer and a mobile app to organize your life.
Just the thing I needed....


It is my first time shifting from paper notebooks to an online medium.
I'm loving it so far....Let's hope it is a good transition.
How do you stay organized? Do you use any interesting apps? Do share...


  1. Have not come across Cozi...must take a look. I am a physical list maker.

  2. Hi Neha, i recently stumbled upon your blog, am so glad i did ,love the way you have designed your home. As for organising i do write down my tasks, Cozi looks interesting..

  3. I usually note in my phone but this cozy is really helpfull!!!Thanks 4 sharing

  4. I had no resolutions for 2012 unless I read this post of yours. I downloaded Cozi on my iphone and have decided to maintain a daily one-line journal. Being on the phone, Cozi definitely makes it easier than sitting with paper-pen. Let's see how far I go with this!

  5. I have come across lot of applications like this. I will check this out too. I know we need to organize each and everything in life esp. when out to-do list is endless.


  6. I usually make lists in my head :-). Getting older I guess, forgetting lots of them. Let me have a look at this Cozi.

  7. This application helps me a lot for I keep on forgetting things. Thank you so much.

  8. liked your posts very much..... kindly have a look at my friends blog http://oopsitsvidya.blogspot.com/

  9. Hey Neha, a very Happy New Year to you! Its been quite a while that I visited blogosphere and I restart with yours. And thanks for sharing on cozi, should check out.

  10. I currently use OneNote on my Windows Phone !
    Will have to look for more online easy and useful tools..

  11. getting mentally organized is much harder to accomplish than many other tasks ;) it takes more than a year I believe, but taking it as a 'to do' will help making many improvements and now I'm talking after my own experience :)

  12. Oh wow!! Im not that tech savvy!! I use excel most times.. with dates.. and coz Im an accountant and excel is what I use the most.. I know I go back to refer to it quickly..

    Then I have a note pad too.. But I know what you mean... I have a to-do list for everything in my life.. *gosh*


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