Friday, January 6, 2012

Ten Thousand Villages

It was on my recent trip to Philadelphia when I was roaming around the city, looking for some unusual gifts for a few of my friends who I was meeting after a long long time, that I happened to find this store.
As soon as I stepped in, I knew I had to share it with all of you here. As I browsed through the products, the lady at the counter walked up to me and told me all about them.
Sure enough, I was all the more fascinated and so glad that I found them.

Ten Thousand Villages is a Fair Trade International Crafts supplier. They source crafts and handmade products from all around the world, especially to create opportunities for artisans in developing countries.
Every product purchased through them helps provide fair income to artisans.
Not only that, each product comes along with an information card telling the story about the product and the artist who created it. Isn't that so unique?

I thought this was the perfect place to pick up special gifts for my friends.
A few things that I chose.....
An owl shaped candle holder from Nepal

A terracotta dragon from Bangladesh
A bird wind chime from Indonesia
To read more about ten thousand villages and to browse their collection,
visit their website here.
They have stores all over the U.S:)


  1. cute they are all of them,But the Wind chime looks the best ;)

    Hope you had a good time with your friends!

  2. Oh, I love Ten Thousand Villages Neha. I picked up some stuff at the one in North Carolina last year. Gorgeous, especially love the owl candle holder!!

  3. :) A favorite store of ours---They actually have branches in almost all major cities of Canada as well! I'm happy that they just opened a branch in our town this june...:)

    Love that candle holder--lucky friends (who were gifted these beauties)!

  4. Good one, actually very unique and interesting products!

  5. Actually , on Second thoughts , Owl candle holder is the best ...Lucky girl who got it ...

  6. Nice pick. Never been to one. There's not one in Dallas.

  7. Always an YES to Fairtrade :-)

  8. Yup have heard of Ten Thousand Villages. Luuvvv....... the red owl candle holder. Red is my favorite accent color.

  9. I am a huge fan of 10 thousand villages. Love the terra-cotta dragon!

  10. oh wow!! that looks like a lovely store!


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