Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Few things that caught my eye....

When I go on vacation to a new place, I always like to capture the unusual, the characteristic things that I come across. Mexico is all about bright colors and vibrant decor. There were many such places where I did not have my camera handy and I miss having a picture of them....but here are some shots that I took. 


Hand blown glass lanterns in the Italian restaurant where we dined .....

The star shaped lights hung from the straw ceiling of the lobby of our hotel...

And this was definitely the best....large shells hung as lanterns at the pool side restaurant. I missed taking a picture of these at night when they were all lit.

A carriage turned Plant holder

.....Ain't this a pretty sight?

A mosaic on the floor

The mosaic sun was on the floor of the pottery shop where I picked up a few pieces...Gorgeous, isn't it? Notice my feet at the base:).

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  1. Lovely pics. Love the seashell lanterns, how cute! Thanks for adding your link at Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays and joining the party.

  2. Been enjoying your vacation photos Neha:) Beautiful!

  3. Carriage Plant Holder adds so much to the beauty of the garden. The seashell lanterns are amazing!! Hope you had a great vacation :)

  4. @ A beach cottage: Thank you Sarah.
    @ Kala: I'm glad you like the photos. There's more to watch this space:)
    @ Tanya: Thanks Tanya...we had a wonderful time:).

  5. Always nice to see what the place we go to has to offer. Currently I am in Vietnam doing the same :-)

  6. Congrats- your blog is just smashing and your photos are simply astonishing. Thank you so much for your visit :)

  7. i love the mosaic & the hanging shell was very whimsical.

  8. Hi Neha
    First of all Thank you for passing by my blog and for your encouraging comments:))
    You have a great blog too...Your home is just gorgeous!!!!Have left the comment in The Key Bunch.
    And here, I loved the shell lantern, plant holder and sun mosaic...beautiful!
    Deepa from
    ps:Do keep visitng and encouraging:)))

  9. hi there:)
    thanks for the visit:D
    btw these pictures are just lovely:))
    keep visiting,i will do the same..

  10. Thank you Deepa & Tarunima...its nice to have you here. See you around more often.

  11. Love the carriage pant holder idea :)


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