Monday, May 9, 2011

A day to remember

Good morning friends! How was your weekend and mother's day? I had a terrific time on mother's day. Friends and I had planned to go for a group brunch at a nice Greek restaurant close by. In the morning, my 2 year old son presented to me this sweet delight...a rose from my garden attached to a bookmark along with a note written by my hubby....and said in his sweet little voice Happy Maaders day, mama!

Isn't it sweet......? I was so touched and totally surprised.....what a great start of the day!

We were four families with a total of five kids. Its not often that we can muster the courage to eat out with all the kids, but since it was mother day, we decided to take our chance...It turned out to be wonderful. We sat outdoors and it was a breezy afternoon. There is something about  eating in an outdoor ambiance that gives me a feel of being on a vacation.
After lunch, the mothers girls went out for a movie while the fathers took care of the kids...a rather unusual way to celebrate mother's day....mothers without their kids. But, I have to admit, we totally enjoyed our time off. ...A day to remember for sure!


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