Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Stay Creative!

Hello my loves! How is the week going so far? I have had a huge list of projects lined up...and even though I have some time on hand, I'm putting them off for later...For some reason, I'm just not 'in a creative mood'....

I came across this while browsing, and it really spoke to me....
Some of the things mentioned above are things that I do...like making lists, carrying a notebook everywhere, I'm a coffee drinker, sometimes I do sing in the shower (*smiles), I'm definitely surrounded (not physically) by so many creative people through the blogosphere.......ohhh... and I do break the rules......however, there are some things that I really need to start doing...like staying away from the computer and taking some rest....maybe I'll go do that now....

In the meantime, do let me know, how many of the above do you do??? 

Image:  here via here 


  1. In relation to the list above, I like to write things down but often forget where I've put what I've written down. That leads me to the next thing on the list that I find helpful, cleaning up my workspace, this definitely helps me but doesn't get done often enough ;)

    Thanks for visiting Nini Makes and stopping to comment, I love to "meet" new bloggers.

  2. oo..this is one if my fav!! i have it printed & hung on my desk!And just the other day sis & I were asking each other how many could we tick:) we were pretty happy with the results!

  3. love this blog and your check list a must save for my files -- thanks for the tips and hope you can stop over to see me at Nest by Tamara. cheers - tamara stephenson

  4. Wow, great list! Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day. Anu


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