Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Flowers in my home

My aunt (mom's sister- I have blogged about her painting talent here) is visiting me from California this week. She will be here only up till the weekend. We share a lot of interests and I'm so looking forward to spending time with her.

It's always a pleasure to pretty up one's home - be it for a special occasion, a party, welcoming guests or for no reason at all. For me, one way to add that little extra to my home is to bring in some fresh flowers.

I love carnations not only for their grace and beauty but also because they last a long time.
I will be away from  the blog for the next few days. I will see you on the other side of the weekend...Have a good one!


  1. oh so gorgeous!! flowers make you happy.. truly!! Have a lovely day!!

  2. Hope you have a wonderful time Neha!

    Love the color of your carnations!

  3. Beautiful! ...Enjoy you time and take great pictures :)

  4. Thank you ladies...I sure had the most wonderful time.

  5. Ooh, loved the color of the flowers. Thanks for linking in our carnival.


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