Thursday, December 16, 2010

Because this makes me happy!

A little while ago, Prachi @ Purplehomes came up with this awesome idea of the 'Because this makes me happy' list. I was so impressed by the idea that soon I started working on my own list. The thought of being able to do what you really want to do, and then finally achieving your goals makes one very happy.

As this year comes to an end, here's a list of 11 things that I'd like to do in 2011.

  1. Make 11 DIY projects (decorated mirror, painted wooden box, mosiac, painted glass hurricanes, budhha painting, painted lampshade, pressed flowers wall art and some more.... ), because I want to have only things crafted by me, displayed in my home, and beacuse, I'd be sooo happy and proud to look at them everyday:)
  2. Decorate the spare room in my house as a cozy sitting area in a way thats totally my own idea, because it has always been my dream to do something like that. 
  3. Take the much desired vacation to Europe, just the three of us. 
  4. Plant at least five flowering plants in my yard (the kind that can be used as cut flowers).
  5. Make my son's photo book for his second birthday with all his pictures from birth to 2 yrs.
  6. Start a blog of my own, a journal to record my creative ramblings. Be more regular with my blogging, as I'm loving every bit of it.
  7. Paint my bedroom and decorate it, because I have the paint color picked out and the decor all planned in my mind, it just needs to be done. I'm so longing to sleep in the room of my vision.  
  8. Finish decorating my entryway and family room.
  9. Make a photo wall in my home- full of pictures of all my family and close friends.
  10. Move my son to his own room, which is all set and decorated, but I don't have the heart to let him sleep in another room and not close to me....I know I have to.
  11. Learn to take better photographs and improve my photography skills. 


  1. Neha! Wow thats a such a sweet & happy list! Lots of luck to you. Thanks for joining the party :)

  2. Thanks Prachi! I hope I can achieve them all in the coming year.

    Once again, a wonderful idea! I really liked your list, very thoughtful.

  3. Lovely list :) I can't wait to see photos of Pt.1 soon!!


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