Friday, December 3, 2010

Escape to tranquility

Wouldn't you just love to go and stay in one of these rooms for a few days?

And spend some time relaxing here....

All images via here

All these places are in Rajasthan, India- forts & havelis converted into hotels. The charming interiors of the rooms, the gorgeous walls, the delightful rajasthani furnishings and artwork, the serene exteriors, the stunning views, all seem extremely inviting.  Even though my stay in India is packed- with two weddings in the family- I'm so tempted to stay in one of these places even for just a couple of days.


  1. dreamy, relaxing and beautiful...

  2. This is some serious eye candy. Btw the blue coasters one you liked, is also the prettiest. I think Gagan might have forgotten to post the source links for the images. So here is the tray:

    It is actually reverse painted glass and the description section gives a lovely detail on the technique :)

  3. Wow! thanks Divya for sharing this link...the tray looks even better in the close up picture.

  4. Neha, Love this post. and hey, I'm sorry for the goof up. Nobody ever tells me anything! :) Will post the links, pronto!

  5. Thanks Gagan and no worries about the links.

  6. Hi Neha! Reached your blog through Sonam Srivastava's. You sure have an eye for art and creativity.

    About this place, it is so inviting!! I loved the decor, especially the walls. Thanks for sharing!!


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