Monday, May 2, 2011

Hello Monday...

and hello May...I think I'm very late to start my week. But can I help it.... I just got back from a short picnic at the park with a friend and our kids...yes on a Monday-:). It almost seemed like an extension of the weekend....a really nice getaway though. The kids were happy to be out of the house and outdoors, and me and my friend had some time to just chat...the weather was warm- its Florida and summer is almost around the corner- but the shade of the trees and the light breeze kept us cool.

I feel relaxed and ready to take on the weekly chores, but before that, I thought I'll spend some time on my favorite blogs (Are you wondering what a time waster I am....with not really much to do?) I was thinking on similar lines...and I have tons to do, but then I came across this......


It is Perfect. I think I'm going to frame this one and put it right above my desk.

I'm off to finish some errands but will be back soon. See you then!

Linking this post to the weekend wrap up at colours dekor.


  1. Morning at the park sounds wonderful, wish I was there too:):) Love that saying too.

  2. Well said! I might follow suit and frame it too! :D

  3. Definetely, It can't be wasted when one enjoys it. Thanks for sharing

  4. Totally Agree ... ;-) .....

  5. Oh.. what a lovely morning.. that must be *sigh*.. I love what you've said.. totally agree.. but I simply cant find the time to waste.. :-( Thank you for joining the Weekend Wrap up!!

  6. Thank you ladies...I'm so glad I shared these 'words of wisdom' with you all:)

  7. I totally agree...we all need a little "wasted time"!! Hope you're having a great week ~


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