Monday, August 1, 2011

Creative rambling

It's been a while since I did some creative rambling on this let me share with you, what has kept my hands busy in the past month or are some in-progress projects and crafts. 

 Inspired by Kanika's bird hangings... I used a blue kurti that I wore on Holi last year, another old one that was put to use earlier as well; and made a bird and a heart....I plan to make a few more of these and then hang them in a group:)

One missed afternoon nap (for my son...) and this is how I amused him.... by painting this rock owl, inspiration found here

It's been a long time since I held my brushes, wanted to do another Ganesha painting. Here is a sketch of what I'll be painting soon....

And finally, a set of coasters made with IKEA paper napkins, tiles and some mod podge. My sister and I did this quick project while I was visiting her.

If you haven't already, check out these coasters at Sarmistha's blog.....she did a great job!

Have a good week!

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  1. Wonderful projects.
    I love your sketch and will look forward to seeing it painted.
    You have been very productive
    Helen xx

  2. You are creative when we do not see you here much means we r going to see so many creative things...

  3. What a lovely project.. I've marked it now.. and hope to make it some day.. The Ganeshji looks stunning.. cant wait to see how it turns out..

    Love the coasters.. and the little birds.. :-)

    Thank you for linking to the weekend wrap up.. always brings a smile to my face! thank you!! :-)

  4. excellent design!
    thanks a lot for sharing with us :)

  5. Wow ... these are wonderful Neha!
    Ikea always has such fun napkin designs ... and your coasters are great!
    Thank you for your very sweet comment.

  6. I see, where did you hibernate for so long ;)
    You are one creative girl
    Nice work :)

  7. The owl is so sweet and those coasters are adorable. Love the bright colors. Mod Podge is a blessing. It makes the weirdest ideas possible. Looking forward not only to the painted version of Ganesha but also to how and where you place it.

  8. and I thought you are making that Ganeshji for me ..are you's long due Neha :)

  9. These all look look so much fun. I especially like the owl. Can't wait to see your finished painting!

  10. I love tours of your home and your creativity Neha. Gorgeous coasters and the birds and it! Also can't wait to see the completed Ganesha:):) You are one talented lady!!

  11. Thank you girls!
    @ Nayana: you are so right...sometimes I feel that blogging takes away the time that I could use to do something creative...but then I enjoy it so much.
    @ Patty: Its always a pleasure to link up to your party:)
    @ Helen, Color experts, Marina, Ayushi, Tanya, Homestilo, Kala: Thank you for your sweet words!
    @ Sharkara: Sorry, this one's not for you. I'll make another one for you.

  12. Neha you're upto so many interesting things! The owl is cutestest :) Loved the coasters too. Look forward to see how the painting and the bird hangings turn out to be. This surely gives a high right, creating something with our own hands? Good stuff!

  13. Beautiful coasters! I had tried something like it long back with just paints...this is cool! Love the Ganesha Sketch, would love to see it emergein its' beauty...the bird n heart is cute:)

  14. Hi Neha,
    I like your bird.... project.I inspired by your project.I have lots of cloths which i am not using since long time.It's nice idea to recycle my old clothes.soon i am also going to do this project. Once i start the project i will get back to u.
    Anyway, Thanks for sharing such a lovely project.

  15. So clever, I love the little bird and heart. And what a lucky boy to have such a cool Mom - my kids love rock painting. I look forward to seeing the finished painting. xxx

  16. Lovely projects and can't wait to see your painting when finished. Thanks so much for stopping by Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays and joining the party

  17. awaiting to see them the bird work...

  18. Oh lovely stuffs you got there , Neha..each of them is beautifully done!!
    Waiting for ganeshji to put on some color and shine.
    And a big Hug and thank you for mentioning me.that's what I call reader love!!
    Which makes everyday all so special:) your coasters look cool and retro.very lovely.Thank you , Neha:)

  19. Gosh! How did I miss this post? oozing with talent :)


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