Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Favorite Food blogs

Have I ever told you that I'm a complete foodie...I love to eat and I enjoy a lot of different cuisines. Having said that, I'm not that great in the kitchen. I mean..., I cook to satisfy my family's appetite, but cooking is not the most enjoyable thing for me........ Eating is! I like to try something different from time to time, which adds some excitement to the otherwise mundane (for me!) routine of cooking the same food.

Mushroom fried rice with Paneer schezwan -  I made this last week

Recently I'm getting a lot of cooking inspiration from a bunch of food blogs that I follow. The other day, I cooked mushroom fried rice along with Paneer schezwan. It turned out delicious...all thanks to the recipe I followed. That's when I thought that I should share some of my favorite food blogs with all my friends here.

So here's a list of my favorites....

  1. Indian simmer Prerna at Indian Simmer is not only a great cook but also a fantastic photographer. Just looking at the pictures on her blog will leave you salivating....and I really mean it. All I want to do when I visit her blog is to pick up the food and bite into it...
  2. Sreelu's tasty travels Sreelu has a great collection of the most mouth watering Indian vegetarian recipes...what's more....she provides a lot of healthy alternatives. I've tried many of her recipes and I personally like her salads and quick recipes. 
  3. Amma and Baby I recently got introduced to this one written by Rachu. She blogs for mothers who are struggling to come up with creative recipes for their picky eaters. I love the way she gets creative with simple recipes and makes them appealing for little ones. 
  4. Cook curry nook  Madhuri at cook curry nook has a huge recipe index ranging from appetizers to desserts. I like all the Indo-Chinese recipes of hers and also the appetizers. 
  5. Eat Drink Man Woman A fairly new one on the block, this blog has the most simple recipes presented in a very delightful manner along with excerpts from some wonderful books on food and recipes. Good going, Richa!
  6. Show me the curry A great resource for all kinds of Indian recipes and tips on Indian cooking....with videos!

I truly appreciate and applaud all the food bloggers, who not only whip up some outrageously delicious recipes but also blog about them with the most gorgeous pictures, making people like me give in to temptation and go ahead and try them....

You may already be following some of these blogs...If not, do check them out. Hope you'll find some cooking inspiration.....Which ones are your favorite food blogs? Do share with me!


  1. WOW Neha! I am speechless.. This is more than any awards or complements I ever received! Thanks a lot.. I am blushing..(sigh).. you have made me feel much more responsible about my blog.. I must say, i am not a frequent blogger, but this one has really boosted my motivation. Thanks a lot sweety.

  2. Nice! Most of them are new to me, off to check them out!
    Meanwhile do have a look at Darjeeling Dreams and Eatomaniac
    Lovely ones too.

  3. first time here and space looks very nice with yummy clicks and recipes. Thanks for sharing those blogs..

  4. that pix has made me hungry .will check the blogs you have mentioned.Try googling Sailus's kitchen.has some awesome food ideas :)

  5. Your Paneer schezwan looks delicious, thanks for list. all r new to me.

  6. Thank your for introducing us to these great blogs, I am off to visit them. Many thanks
    Helen xx

  7. its a yummy post...thx for sharing with us neha

  8. hi neha.. great blog.. i m goin to join u and follow th names u mentioned up here..
    btw ..
    chk out vah re vah in youtube .. he has 300 vid receipes.. and he is hilarious.. i found him just by browsing youtube a day.. he is hyderabaadi but stays and works in chicago .. as a chef for hyaat chain of hotels.. givin u a link to that.. u will crack up whn u see him enjoyin his own dish .. he says uuuuummmmm .. i m his diehard fan .. i learnt a lot of cookg from him .. he gives u very good tips

  9. Thankyou gals! I'm glad you liked the post.
    @ Rachu: You are most welcome
    @ Ambika: Thanks for shring Ambika, I really liked Eatomaniac.
    @Kadhyaa: Glad you visited...hope to see you here often.
    @ Sarmistha: Thanks. I'll check out Sailu's Kitchen. I like discovering new food blogs.
    @ Nayan, Helen, Nisha: Thanks. I hope you like some of my favorites...
    @ SA: So glad that you liked my blog. Thank you for suggesting Vah re vah...I'll check it out for sure.

  10. I am trying Mushroom rice today ! You tempted me .:) Howz it going girl??

  11. hi neha.. SA is sonal anand :)

  12. Yumm.. Yumm.. Love the list.. Will go and check all of them now!! :-) I'm actually horrid at cooking... so this will surely do me some good.!!

  13. The food looks yummy!! I need to check out those blogs. Show me the Curry is my constant companion.

  14. Your food looks delicious and thx for sharing food blogs - I have not connected with any yet but I'm thinking I should.

  15. Thanks so much for the plug, and also your kind words Neha. Really sweet of you to mention CCN as one of your favourite food blogs. Honoured.


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