Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Friday & the rewards of blogging!

It's the first day of the second half of 2011...can you believe it, half of this year is already gone? But I do like the second half of the year more than the first, for a couple of reasons- first, there are so many long weekends and holidays here in the US in this half, and then all the wonderful festivals that I look forward to, fall in the second half of the year.

What plans do you have for this weekend? Its the peak of summer in my part of the world, hot & humid outside. I have a few things planned to keep us busy....a visit to a water park, some shopping and a pool party. I'm hoping for it to be fun.

I also wanted to share with you, about my day today. Many of you may agree, one of the most best part of blogging is finding new friends and like minded people in blog land. What can be better than to find a friend in your own city......

I got to know Kala a few months back through our blogs and we soon realized that we live in the same city...a few emails were exchanged and we planned to meet very soon....however, things kept coming up with both of us, the meeting kept getting pushed, finally we set a date and time to meet....I was so looking forward to it. It almost seemed like from the movies.....meeting someone who you know through the internet. 

Today, I finally met Kala of Kala Poul Studio. She is such an amazing person, so talented and full of enthusiasm. We talked for almost 2 hours about everything under the sun, about our families, interests, India, friends, food likes....everything.  It was like meeting a long lost friend. 

She was wearing this beautiful set of pendant and a bracelet....and when I asked her, she told me that it was made by her. Can you believe it? 

She also showed me some more pieces of her handmade jewelery. Isn't it gorgeous...???

To see more of her brilliant creations, visit her blog here. I had a wonderful time meeting a new friend...and I hope to find many more.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Neha, I had such fun this morning too:) Thank you for showcasing my jewelry, you are very kind. I am so looking forward to more future get togethers:):)

  2. Oh.. wow!! Thats so nice of you to feature Kala... I've known Kala.. since I started blogging.. and totally love her creations.. Never got to meet her.. or see her stuff.. But her blog speaks of it all... She is truly talented.. and the stuff she makes is unique!!

  3. Wow!!that is so cool for you two:)kala,your works really really beautiful.I'm looking forward to meeting someone from blogland too:)will let u all know soon:)

  4. i didnt know kala as a jewellery designer until this post...gr8 kala... u r multitalented...thx 4r neha

  5. That's superb Kala...Love ur work! So you two met, that's wonderful! To meet someone from blogworld & to get to know more...sounds so much fun! Great going, girls!!!

  6. Kala, Stunning stuff... I have seen your works before but the beaded ones are extra-ordinary !!!

  7. Wow that is some intricate beading!! Amazing. Thank You dear for sharing
    Cheers from Bangalore ,India
    Dr Sonia S V

  8. Even I have come to know kala through the internet/ blogging. She is a wonderful person with lots of talents, and good writer too. I can imagine your excitement in meeting her, it was wonderful I can see from your blog. Yes designs are really eye catching and so are her paintings. I don't know when we will ever get the chance to meet each other.
    It was very nice of you to write about her. That is one way of spreading friendship around, and helping people to know more and more interesting friends.

  9. You have an amazing & interesting blog..keep it up my dear :)


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