Monday, December 12, 2011

Warm glow of Winter

I'm so sorry that I have been missing from this space for all this while...and for the lack of posts. I think the cool weather paired with tons of sunshine has kept me busy and out of the picture-:)

I'm loving the warmth of glowing candles at home on the cooler days here in Florida.
Plus, I'm enjoying the holiday 3Ps (Parties, Potlucks and Picnics) :)

Isn't this ...... the most wonderful time of the year......?

So, what have you been upto? Are you enjoying the winter in your part of the world?

Images: My home


  1. Glad to see you return to blogtopia
    I am enjoying the spirit of Christmas too and the cooler weather is welcome


  2. Warm centerpiece for dark nights n brilliant clicks

  3. Beautiful centerpiece... Looks magical with the warm glow of the tea lights...

  4. I have been missing in action too. Came back and thought I would say hi to you.

    Nice shots. Happy Holidays.

  5. Beautiful, beautiful Neha:) Just got back from my cruise...I love this time of the year:)

  6. u ve played with the pine beautifully....nice arrangement


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